Hoe and Worthing Archive: 12 - 15 Hoe


12 & 13

12 and 13 Hoe are known as Archway Cottages because they are near the railway bridge.

Flooding in October 1993, said to have been caused by the filling in of drainage ditches on land towards Northall Green. They have now been reinstated.

1649   The cottages made the papers in 1950.

tie-iron    The iron stay on  No. 12.

Mary Mendham   12 Hoe, Mrs Mary Mendham and Stanley.

Stan, Olive, wedding

Stanley and Olive Mendham's wedding at No. 12.

14 Hoe

 Sylvia Holmes    The wedding of Sylvia Ethel Holmes, 1951

PFootit    In 1955 a very sad story.


The wedding of Raymond Douglas Holmes, 1964.


George Carter, garden designer, lived at 14 Hoe.

15 Hoe

Edward Butters in garden

The Butters family lived in several of Hoe Hall farm's cottages at various times. Edward Butters is seen here gardening at No.15, with Redmire Hills in the background. When he retired from the farm, Edward and his wife Dolly returned to No. 5 where they had lived some time before.

Ted and Daphne wedding    Edward and Dolly Butters' son Ted
    married his wife Daphne at Hoe
    church. Ted also worked at Hoe Hall