Hoe and Worthing Archive: Keeper's Cottage


Jack Last    Keeper's Cottage was a bungalow
    which stood where the house of the
    same name now is. It was numbered 5
    in the sequence of cottages.
    Jack Last was gamekeeper for
    E. C. Keith from 1948 to 1952.

    In his memoir, Life and Thoughts of a
, he describes coming to
    Hoe as gamekeeper. There were three
    shoots a season and he went loading
    for 'the Boss' or for Michael, his son, at
    other shoots locally.

    During his time at Hoe he helped plant
    three woods with the gardener and Mr
    Holmes and Mr Burton.

    "Spraying started about this time with
    the employment of 'a new young man
    with modern ideas'. Most of the
    farmland was sprayed causing great
    losses to game eggs and hedgerow


Later, Charles Holmes was gamekeeper for the Keiths and lived at the bungalow, after that at No. 14. This painting by William Cooper shows him loading for xxx Keith.

Norma Johnson     The wedding of Norma Holmes of Keeper's Bungalow,
    1963. Note that the reception was held in the Reading
    Room, (the Parish Room) Hoe for seventy guests.

Butters at No 5

Edward and Dolly Butters moved back to No.5 when Edward retired from farm work.