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Home Guard


Road Rage

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Home Guard

Worthing home guard

A meeting of the Home Guard at Tannery House. Was it in 1944 when the Home Guard was disbanded? There are two RAF officers present, perhaps from Swanton Morley.

home guard key
Only a few names of those present are known. Can you identify anyone else?


going to vote

Going to vote in May 1955. The poster says 'Vote Bullard' (Conservative), but he lost to Dye (Labour), by 193 votes.

Driving the horse, Duke, is Herbert Owen, who worked for Fred Mayes at Home Farm. Also in the picture are (seated at the left front) Doris Hardy, behind her (seated) Mrs Bendsley and (standing) Mr Bendsley, the Hardy's neighbours. Also standing at the back is Herbert Hardy, whose daughter Rose Marie gave this photograph to the archive.  Seated in the centre are (left) Mary Owen and (right) Fred Mayes' secretary. Next to the driver is Mrs Owen and at the far right Mrs Crisp, who also worked for Fred Mayes.The event made it into the local newspaper, where the photo shows the wagon in the yard at Home Farm.


Road Rage

Not the leisurely progress of the election party above!


May 1890

Phillippo driving

April 1904


1933 cats!

cat story

November 1937, and a cat makes the news again.

remarkable dog text

reamrkable dog photo

August 1951. Jill and the postman. The letterbox is Victorian, of the type stolen from Hoe in 2016.

parish meeting notice    Quite why the report describes the Parish
    Meeting as reconstituted is unclear, as it had
    been held annually for years past. But in 1987
    there was a renewed interest in it as a result of
    Barker Bros' controversial application for an
    extension to their gravel pit at Roostinghill.

    The two parishes had been combined in 1935
    as a result of the County of Norfolk Review.
    (Kelly's Directory of Norfolk 1937)

Bad weather



Flooding at Worthing bridge.

fallen oak

A gale on the night of 18th January 2018 snapped off this big old oak in Chris Barber's garden. It brought down power and telephone lines. The electricity was reconnected the afternoon of the following day.